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The rapid growth of tourism in recent years has not only made Turkey one of the leading international tourist destinations, but has also placed the sector among the primary economic forces of the country. Such growth has also resulted in an increasing need of educated and well-trained labor force in tourism, who is equipped with professional knowledge, managerial and communication skills and confidence in the use of foreign languages. To help meet this need, Department of Tourism Management was established in 1991 and joined Faculty of Business in 1994. The Department offers a curriculum, in which a balance between academic knowledge and practical application is emphasized. The undergraduate program attempts the cover all the aspects of the multi-dimensional tourism sector, including hotel management, restaurant management, food and beverage management, tourism planning, destination marketing and travel agencies and tour operators. While students are required to complete An internship program in the summer semesters of their junior and sophomore  years, the Department puts a great emphasis on developing good relations with the sector and invites sector managers to the career Days organized each year. Students also have the opportunity to select courses from other departments of the Faculty.


The graduates of the Department of Tourism Management are in high demand by many hospitality and tourism enterprises. Graduates and current students are highly recruited for internships and permanent positions. The former graduates of the department have already reached different managerial positions in well-known international and national hotel chains, travel agencies, airline companies and other enterprises in tourism industry. Some graduates are invited to courses by instructors to share their real-world experiences with our current students.

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