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Department of International Relations which is established in 1992 aims to train students who can approach the dynamics of international relations and political developments from an academic perspective. The department aims at educating creative, provocative students who can efficiently practice their ability of analytical and critical thinking, embrace ethical values, and are inclined to teamwork and democratic participation.

In the initial three years of the program, the students are expected to take the main courses of international relations. In their third and fourth years, students choose courses from the major subfields of international relations such as comparative politics, international law, European studies and international relations. Furthermore, the program facilitates the development of communication and computer skills. As a result of its wide variety of courses, our students develop critical analytical skills that allow them to explain, compare, and generalize about political phenomena in a broad range of countries, employing the key methodologies of the discipline.

Under Graduate School of Social Sciences, the department offers MA and PhD degrees in International Relations. Our curriculum in MA and PhD combines theoretical and empirical approaches to international relations. Our courses are designed to inform, provoke, and inspire students to think critically about significant historical, political, economic and social issues in contemporary world politics.

Currently, the Department of International Relations has 19 full-time academic personnel, including 2 professors, 3 associate and 6assistant professors and 6 research assistants. In the past few years, members of the Department have been awarded a series of research fellowships such as Turkish Higher Educational Council, Jean Monnet and the British Academy.


The Department is proud of the success of its graduates. Graduates of the International Relations Department of Dokuz Eylül University have various opportunities for employment in the public and private sector. In the private sector, our department has graduates who work in finance, sales and marketing, and human resources departments of banks, independent auditing firms and companies with foreign trade activities; as well as in telecommunications and media. We also have graduates in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pursuing their careers as diplomats. Our graduates also work in various state institutions and non-govenmental organizations as EU specialists or foreign trade specialists. Those who have preferred an academic career, are working on their masters or PhD degrees in universities at home and abroad. Some of them are working as research assistants particularly at departments of International Relations, Political Science and Public Administration.

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