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Economics is a subject that explores the process through which economic units make decisions with respect to allocation of scarce resources. The content of the economics discipline covers wide variety of issues related to public policies such as markets, government, institutions, growth, development, inflation and unemployment. The structure of the programme is designed to provide a broad based training in theory and practice. In addition, the academic staff and students have growing commitments for carrying out international collaboration with other universities in order to raise their international profile. The academic staff is committed to both teaching and making contributions to the science of economics by theoretical and empirical research. The structure of the Department covers four areas: Economic Theory, Economic Policy, Economic Development and International Economics, Economic History.
We offer a minor in Economics to students who are interested in diversifying their career options through the field of economics. The objective is fostering intellectual excellence by integrating disciplines in the social sciences
Students enrolled in any one of the DEU Faculty of Business departments other than the Economics Department and other units of the university with a 3.00 GPA might apply and receive a minor in Economics fulfilling all other requirements in minor program regulations. To declare a minor in economics students should take and complete 8 compulsory and 1 departmental elective from any track, with an overall 2.50 GPA.


Graduates of Department of Economics are employed in a wide range of positions in both the private and public sectors. Our graduates can acquire positions in different fields of the private sector, such as banking, consulting firms, audit companies and many of them are employed in important foreign enterprises. In public sector, our graduates can be employed at Banks, Central Bank, and any public institution that can be applied with Public Personnel Exam (KPSS).

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